About Lea Oven! Baking with passion...

Lea Oven establish itself in Malaysia with the opening of its first store at Putra Heights, Selangor.

Lea Oven specializes in offering a wide range of baking and cake decorating classes, cakes, cupcakes and other bakery products to people who want something different from the norm.

Because Lea Oven itself strive to be different and provides cakes that are unique and tastier than other brands in the market.

Altogether, the concept, presentation, and greater choices of cakes make Lea Oven a very unique brand.

With a tag-line of "Satisfy Your Cravings", Lea Oven always aims to offer the best services to let our customers experience something new and exciting to all cake lovers in Malaysia.

We want to ensure that our cakes will become their selected snacks during their craving time.